Preventive Oral Hygiene Instruction:


This includes proper brushing, flossing and eating habits, ideal fluoride levels and the use of pit and fissure sealants. We strive to provide a fun, educational environment where children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene. Not only will we clean your child’s teeth at the visit but we will also go over with them how to best clean their teeth at home.



Restorative Dentistry:


This includes children’s fillings, crowns and even extractions. This also includes treatment of developmental defects of enamel and dentin. With a multitude of restorative options available we can discuss a plan that best fits your child’s needs. We also provide interceptive orthodontics through space maintainers that can be crucial in maintaining space for the permanent teeth to erupt.



Silver Diamine Fluoride:


Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antibiotic topical solution that is clinically applied to control active dental caries and prevent further progression of disease. The silver acts as an anti-microbial agent that kills the bacteria that break down tooth surfaces while also working to strengthen the underlying protective layer of your teeth called dentin. Fluoride is the active ingredient that halts the tooth decay, helps prevent additional decay from appearing, as well as keeps the bacteria from spreading to the other teeth. The most common side effect being a black to brownish stain of the cavity, where the SDF has been applied. This method of treatment can be a great option for when children have difficulty cooperating for treatment, special needs patients, or as an alternative method to traditional treatment.



Nitrous Oxide:


Often referred to as "laughing gas", nitrous oxide is proven safe sedative that is inhaled along with oxygen. While your child is breathing this, it will help them to relax, and feel less anxious for their procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the nitrous oxide is removed from their body before they leave the office. This method is useful for when children are slightly anxious during dental treatment.



Oral Sedation:


Oral Sedation is best used for children with longer treatment plans, or in anxious, difficult children. Your child will be given a medication to drink by a cup or a squirter (like a Tylenol syringe) and allowed to relax in our “star movie room”. While these medications set in your child can watch a movie while they get comfortable. When it is time for treatment, your child will be carried to the treatment room to start treatment. These medications give Dr. Gabe a working time of 45-60 minute to complete treatment. Once procedures are completed your child will then be brought back to the same room, where post -sedation instructions will be reviewed with you. When discharge criteria are met, your child will be sent home with you to rest the remainder of the day, and a staff member will call to check on you later in the day. Because these appointments require your child to be without food or drink, these appointment are only scheduled in the morning.



IV Sedation:


Most dental procedures in children can be completed using local anesthesia. However, very young, fearful or uncooperative children can require sedation. Depending upon your child’s health history, temperament, age and dental care needs, we can decide what type of sedation that is best for your child. For patient’s requiring deep sedation Dr. Gabe has partnered with Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates to provide the best care for your child. There are several steps required before this appointment that we will go over with you at your consultation appointment. Your child will be cared for by a board certified medical or dental anesthesiologist throughout the entire procedure. Safety will be the number one priority in every aspect of your child’s care.



Special needs patients:


If you’re the parent, or guardian, of a child with disabilities, you’ll appreciate the support, skill and compassion found with Dr. Gabe and our office. Dr. Gabe completed an additional year in training to work with children and adults with special healthcare needs. Given his extensive training in this, we can help put your child on the path of good oral health with a preventative dental care plan customized to fit your child’s needs.



Emergency Treatment:


While our goal is to prevent dental emergencies, we understand that the need for urgent dental care is sometimes necessary and can be a stressful experience for both parents and children. We strive to handle dental emergencies promptly and with compassion, and make ourselves available for after hours emergencies as well for our patients.

Dr. Gabe Ross

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist


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